Cyprus: AcToVax4NAM Awareness Campaign.

The AcToVax4NAM team in Cyprus has developed tools aimed at raising awareness about existing vaccination schemes in the country, while also equipping Professionals for Health (PfH) with the necessary resources for daily communication with Newly Arrived Migrants (NAM). These tools which are part of the piloted solutions under WP7 include a Vaccination Guide, a Map of Vaccination Centers in Cyprus, and Communication Cards.


The Vaccination Guide provides valuable information about the importance of vaccination, including the vaccination scheme for kids and adults offered for free by the national services, vaccination centers in Cyprus, potential side effects etc. 

The Map of Vaccination Centers in Cyprus is a comprehensive map, featuring all vaccination centers, complete with essential information to facilitate navigation. Integrated QR technology directs users to Google Maps for each center.

The Communication Cards consist of a booklet containing key words and terms categorised into Basic Communication, Administrative Communication, and Side Effects of Vaccination that aim to facilitate the communication of PfH and NAM during vaccination appointments. 

All tools have been approved by the Ministry of Health and are available below in Greek, English, French, Arabic, and Somali. The tools have been distributed to vaccination centers, reception centres, hospitals and civil society organisations as part of a country-wide AcToVax4NAM awareness campaign carried out by CSI and the Ministry of Health. 

The awareness campaign in full effect all over Cyprus!

Access the tools here:

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