Migrant-centered and migrant-sensitive Glossary of vaccination essential definitions

To enhance vaccination access for Newly-Arrived Migrants (NAM), a Glossary of Essential Vaccination Terms was created. Sharing an essential vaccine-related information tool with the relevant professionals for health, boosts their advocacy for NAM’s vaccination access and the healthcare system’s responsiveness to vaccine literacy.

The Glossary caters also to non-medical professionals such as cultural mediators, refugee reception staff, language teachers, social workers, and community leaders. It offers accurate, accessible, and actionable information by using plain language.

    Its strengths lie:

      1. Participatory development approach, involving intended users at the country level, an.
      2. Tailored sections addressing each partner country’s health care organisation.

The Glossary has been formatted with the facing text in different languages for each consortium country thus providing a comprehensive resource for diverse language groups. Explore the recap table below for links to all version

WP5 – Glossary of Essential Terms on Vaccination per Country

Cyprus Germany Greece Italy Malta Spain Romania Poland
German - Arabic
Greek - Albanian
English - Arabic
Catalan - Arabic
Romanian - Albanian
Polish - Albanian 
German - English
English - French
Catalan - Chinese
Romanian - Arabic
Polish - Bulgarian
German - Farsi
English - German
Catalan - English
Romanian - English
Polish - English
German - Russian
Greek - Chinese
English - Italian
Catalan - French
Romanian - Farsi
Polish - Russian 
German - Turkish
English - Spanish
Catalan - Spanish
Romanian - Turkish
Polish - Ukrainian
German - Ukrainian
English - Ukrainian
Catalan - Ukrainian
Romanian - Ukrainian
Polish - Urdu
Catalan - Urdu
Romanian - Urdu
Greek - Turkish
Greek - Ukrainian

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