Vaccine Literacy and “whole-of-prison” approach to increase vaccine uptake and vaccine coverage in prison setting.

E De Vita

European Journal of Public Health, Volume 33, Issue Supplement_2, October 2023


Prison settings are complex when it comes to healthcare services. The remit of healthcare provision may be with Ministry of Health or Ministry of Justice or combination of the two. Prison staff is also composed of custodial staff, HCW working in prison and other professionals, including educators, psychologists, etc. Within prison population deprived communities are overrepresented, and individuals often have multiple and complex health needs. Yet, equivalence to care between community and prisons is upheld by UN and European Prison Rules. In order to increase VL in prison, interventions need to respond to the existing complexity, tackling individual as well as organisational levels. Within RISE-Vac, tools have been prepared to engage prison staff and prison population. Participatory approach were used to conceptualised and develop the materials. An overview of the material content and development process will be provided, with a focus on the package tailored to PLP and the engagement of people with lived experience of incarceration.

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