About the country specific action-oriented Flowcharts

Vaccines are highly effective in preventing and stopping disease transmission. Comprehensive and equitable vaccination coverage for natives and migrants is vital to reduce under-immunised groups. The public health system and relative stakeholders are the key, requiring improved skills and resources for all “professionals FOR health”. The Flowcharts available here are country-specific tools designed to highlight barriers that may hinder Newly Arrived Migrants’ (NAM) vaccination process. The Flowcharts offer possible solutions to overcome these barriers.

The usefulness and applicability of each Flowchart has been validated by national experts from seven of the countries involved in the project (Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Romania and Spain). While it has been carefully tailored to the specific circumstances of each of the participating countries, it also encompasses resources that could be proven beneficial in a wider international context.

Each Flowchart is divided into four sections. From left to right, you will find:

            • 1st section: consisting of five hubs or steps that consider the entire vaccination process (entitlement, reachability, adherence, achievement, and evaluation) identified in the General Conceptual Framework developed as part of the project (see https://www.accesstovaccination4nam.eu/results/).
            • 2nd section: referring to the barriers identified for each hub.
            • 3rd section: focusing on solutions that may address these barriers.
            • 4th section: relating to tools with access via clickable links, associated with these solutions.

To access more tools and resources, please scan the QR code located at the bottom of each Flowchart or visit the AcToVax4NAM Repository of Tools.

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