Romtens Foundation it is an NGO, set up in 1998 and declared a Public Utility in 2008 (according to the Order of the Government No 509/May 2008). Its main areas of action are Public Health, Workplace Health Promotion, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety & Health and Project/Program Evaluation. Within these areas of action Romtens has been performing a range of different specific activities such as training, research, consulting & technical assistance, and project/program evaluation. As a result of its activities Romtens Foundation became over the years a member of numerous European Networks such as ENWHP, ENSP, EPHA, ENETOSH, etc. Over the past 15 years Romtens Foundation has been keen to achieve “state-of-the-art” expertise in performing monitoring and evaluation activities. Evaluation represents now a core activity of Romtens Foundation, with a dedicated department employing statisticians and evaluators specialized in project/program evaluation. Accordingly, over these last 15 years Romtens Foundation has evaluated more than 25 projects funded through the Public Health Programme, the ERASMUS Programme, the European Social Fund Programme, and others (World Bank, UNICEF, etc.). Romtens performed these evaluations either from an internal evaluation perspective (by being the leader of the evaluation working package), or from an external perspective (by being a contractor performing an external evaluation). Romtens Foundation has built a network of partners, both within the Romanian Public Health system and at European level. At national level Romtens has worked with all the Public Health Directorates in Romania (42 counties each with its own Public Health Directorate), Health Ministry, Public Health Institute and especially with the National Infectious Diseases Institute Matei Bals which it is leading the network of infectious diseases in Romania. At European level Romtens worked with all the Public Health Institutes and/or Occupational Medicine/Health Institutes in all European countries, as well as with numerous Public Health Agencies and Directorates.

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