The AcToVax4NAM Project aims to make available to the general public 19 Deliverables.

1 Project’s Handbook WP1
2 Visual Identity & Communication and Dissemination plan WP2
3 Project Leaflet WP2
4 Project Website WP2
5 Promotional material WP2
6 Report on the EU Conference WP2
7 Report on the scientific publications and conference presentations WP2
8 Sustainability, Exploitation and Scale-Up Plan Report WP2
9 Monitoring and Evaluation Plan WP3
10 Final evaluation report WP3
11 National reception system/ pathways of NAM and vaccination Policies WP4
12 General Conceptual Framework WP4
13 Migrant-centered and migrant-sensitive Glossary of vaccination essential definitions WP5
14 Training material and tools WP5
15 Report of training activities WP5
16 Repository/Database of tools to overcome system barriers with relevant search filters WP6
17 One flow chart per consortium country – in English and all consortium languages WP6
18 Country pilot reports WP7
19 Overall report & recommendations WP7


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