17th World Congress on Public Health

The World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) is held every two or three years by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA). This year the Congress was organized by WFPHA together with the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPHER) and the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health (SItI) in Rome from the 2nd to the 6th of May 2023

The ActoVax4Nam and the Rise-Vac projects jointly presented a workshop during the conference titled ‘Vaccine literacy: strategies and tools to improve vaccination uptake for newly arrived migrants and people living in prisons’

The workshop objectives were:

  • To increase the capacity and knowledge of delegates as to the importance of VL responsiveness;
  • To present innovative approaches to address individual and organisational VL as developed within the EU co-funded AcToVax4NAM and the RISE-Vac projects;
  • To encourage discussion and dynamic exchange of opinions about the role of individual and organisational VL among the workshop participants

The workshop was presented by:

  • Pania Karnaki – Prolepsis Istitute, Greece
  • Igor Aloise – Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • Lara Tavoschi – University of Pisa, Italy
  • Maurizio Marceca – Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • Babak Moazen – Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Silvia Declich – Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy

The workshop was moderated by: Guglielmo Bonaccorsi – University of Florence, Italy

The workshop was very well received by the delegates and final conclusions emphasised the need for coordinated actions when addressing system level vaccination barriers. Organisational Vaccination Literacy was discussed extensively and delegates agreed that it is important to address the extent to which organisations are able to put forth procedures that enable the vaccination especially of vulnerable populations such as Newly Arrived Migrants and people living in prisons. Organisational Vaccination literacy was perceived as important as Vaccination literacy.

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