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Handbook: Health assessment of refugees and migrants in the EU/EEA

COVID-19 Guidance

Guidance on infection prevention and control of coronavirus disease

World Migration Report 2020

Provides healthcare professionals with tools to allow them to keep track of medical records of newly arrived migrants and refugees and swiftly identify their immediate needs. Developed by the EU Commission 

COVID-19 Guidance on the implementation of the relevant EU provisions in the area of asylum, return procedures and resettlement. Developed by the EU Commission. 

Guidance on infection prevention and control of COVID-19 in migrant and refugee reception and detention centers in the EU/EEA. Developed by the ECDC.

This world migration report focuses on developments in migration over the last two-year period, with an emphasis on providing analysis that takes into account historical and contemporary factors, within broader long-term social, security, political and economic contexts. Developed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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