Access to vaccination for newly arrived migrants is a pressing issue in European countries.

This study developed a General Conceptual Framework (GCF) to improve vaccination coverage for these individuals by identifying barriers and potential strategies. The GCF consists of five interconnected steps: entitlement, reachability, adherence, achievement, and evaluation of vaccination. Each step is crucial in enhancing the vaccination process for newly arrived migrants.

Barriers and solutions were identified through a comprehensive literature review and qualitative research. Strategies such as enhancing professionals’ knowledge, improving reachability, promoting adherence, achieving vaccination coverage, and evaluating interventions were proposed. Some recommended strategies include proximity to vaccination services, provider training, a migrant-sensitive approach, and data collection to assess and improve vaccination outcomes.

By implementing these strategies, we can ensure equitable access to healthcare services and protect public health in these countries.

To learn more about this study and the proposed framework, check out the full article”

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